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Printing Grade

Cast Coated Paper

Cast coated paper is super-shiny paper produced by pressing the paper against a polished metal drum while the coating is still wet. This paper is used in the printing of Adhesive Product Labels, School Labels and suitable for Screen, Offset, Flexo, Digital printing.

SS Maplitho

S.S. Maplitho papers are manufactured from non-wood pulp. Abhishek Industries is using ECF Technology in manufacturing. This is most suitable for Multicolour Printing and Publishing of Books Commercial Diaries, Advertisement, Magazine printing etc.


Cream Wove Paper is a writing paper with a uniform surface, not ribbed or watermarked. The quality is well accepted for high level of surface cleanliness and used for making of Exercise Note Books, Multi part Continuous stationery, Adding Rolls and Drawing Books.


Copy paper encompasses a wide range of multipurpose paper. It can be used in laser or inkjet printers as well as copiers and fax machines. Typically, all-purpose copy paper is made to accommodate different types of technology and multiple machines.

Colour Printing

Colour Printing Gold paper is a machine finished paper which comes in standard four colours – Pink, Yellow, Green and Blue. It finds use in printing challan or bill books, raffle tickets and computer stationery.

Writing Printing

Writing Printing paper is smooth surface sized paper which is produced from high bright pulp. It has high tensile strength and suitable for high speed multi color printing.


Bible Printing Paper is the lightweight offset printing paper. Bible Printing paper is also known as the thin paper is highly used in books with a large number of pages.

Ledger Paper

A durable writing paper used in record books and business ledgers. writing paper – paper material made into thin sheets that are sized to take ink; used for writing correspondence and manuscripts.

Label Paper

Label paper sheets are normally of A4 or US Letter size. … The paper also differs by the printer type it’s designed for. It may be universal (for both inkjet and laser printers), for inkjet printers only or for laser printers only.

Art Paper C1s

It is a speciality packaging grade ranging from 40gsm to 500gsm. Paper with low grammage is mainly used for printing labels, business cards etc and paper with high gsm preferred for packaging purposes.

Art Paper C2s

C2S means “coated two sides.” These terms refer to coatings applied to paper by the paper manufacturer.

Art Board C2s

(C2S) board is a medium density board with better printing properties for graphical and packaging end uses being perfectly white from inside-out.


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