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Packaging Grade

Folding Box Board

Folding Box Board, also referred to as FBB, is one of the types of paperboard which is made up of multiple layers of chemical and mechanical pulp. It is made up of mechanical pulp in between two layers of chemical pulp.

Bleached Kraft

Bleached kraft paper is the strongest white paper. It is used where strength, printability, and appearance are important, such as flour and sugar bags, labels, and envelopes.

Packaging Kraft

Packaging Kraft paper is paper or paperboard (cardboard) produced from chemical pulp produced in the kraft process. Material with high elasticity and strength.

Duplex Board

Duplex board is a kind of paperboard or cardboard. … Duplex board is tough, thin and able to take on a bright white appearance, unlike common corrugated cardboard. It is commonly used to create boxes for a variety of small goods. For example, it is often used in pharmaceutical packaging.

Sack Kraft

Sack Kraft is made from pure or recycled pulp, available within 70-100 gsm. It has high tensile energy absorption (TEA), high stiffness, high porosity and excellent printability as compared to conventional packaging materials which makes it perfect for packaging food and building materials such as minerals, chemicals, cement.

Kraft Liner Board

Kraft Liner Board is made of the virgin pulp that is known as the kraft liner. This is a paper-based sheet which is extensively used in the packaging applications. Owing to the reusable property of the virgin pulp, this board is recyclable. It is a sturdy and ruggedized board that has the ability to withstand toughest packaging applications and process.

Solid Bleached Sulphate

Solid Bleached Sulphate (SBS) is made exclusively from bleached chemical pulp available in 150-400gsm. It is widely used for the custom printed paper boxes, particularly for the cosmetic, food and retail paper boxes.

White Top Kraft Liner

White Top Kraft Liner is another grade of kraft paper having white top on side and kraft on the other side. White top can be coated or uncoated based on requirement of the customer and depending upon the application of paper.

Ribbed Kraft

It is used for manufacturing gift wrappers , brown bags , Surgical Gloves, Wrappers, Envelopes & Various Other uses.

Bag Kraft

Bag Kraft paper is used in manufacturing of paper bags.


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